MIND is a charity very close to our founder Joe Lomax. 1 in 4 people at some point will experience a mental health issue. MIND does amazing work and saves many lives but they need our help. This is why Vinco donates a % of profits to MIND. We all need to spread awareness and let people know its ok to not feel ok and that we are there for them. Every bracelet you purchase will help us achieve this.


What does Vinco mean?

Vinco is Latin and means 'to win and to conquer' and this is what you can achieve if you are suffering with your mental health. You can do this. Vinco bracelets are designed with the finest healing gemstones to look good and also reduce stress, anxiety and assist you with a positive mindset. Our aim is to spread self belief and every time you look down at your wrist you know you have got this!.